• When Will I receive my order? 
All orders will be sent tracking after processing. Log in and click the tracking number to track your order. Once Your order is dropped off to the shipping facility IT IS OUT OF OUR CONTROL!
  • Is all hair on hand?
No All hair isn’t on hand. But chat with us for special request needed asap and/or Click the section “Hair on hand” .
  • How long do I have to pick up my order?
You will have up until 5 business days to pick up your order. After you will be charged a restocking fee of $25 and refunded the balance. 
  • What’s the difference between a full lace wig & lace frontal wig?
A full lace wig has to be glued down around your whole head & a lace frontal is glued down from ear to ear.
  • What’s the difference between the different densities?
Density is used to determine the thickness of the wig. For example a 130% density wig will be thinner compared to a 150% density wig. Also have 180% and 250% upon request. Lower density results in a thinner wig & higher densities results in a thicker wig.
  • Can I make changes to my order?
Once an order is finalized and payment is completed, no changes can be made to that order.
  • How long is shipping?
Shipping takes 1-5 business days for on hand orders.  Preorder shipments take 7-10 business days After processing.